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There are no simple answers to complex problems.

If you’re looking for a job it’s not enough to respond to a job advertisement, have lots of interviews, have or write a "nice" cv. A single activity is not sufficient, but a series of activities could make the difference!

We are professionals, but that doesn’t mean that we have just worked for companies, set up companies or worked as consultants. For years we have worked alongside people who have moved within the labour market and we know "what to do". We know because the people we have worked for have moved successfully in the market, first with us and then on their own.

What we offer is ad hoc support depending on requirements in terms of:

Career guidance

Personality and aptitude tests

 Career check-up

Preparation of instruments for contacting the market (e.g. cv, marketing letters, responses to ads, Linkedin profile)

Preparation for selection: preparation for interviews, simulation of interviews, interview follow-up, interview debriefing

Use of access channels to the labour market

Marketing plan for searching for a job as an employee

Business plan for consultancy activities

Business model / Business plan for entrepreneurial activities

Professional use of network of contracts (professional networking)

Assessment and development of web presence (Linkedin, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Assessment of employment, consultancy and franchising contracts

Assessment of education/training/job

Assessment of foreign country options

Assessment of an individual’s financial situation.

All of this can be done for individuals and related to the issue of “employment”.

We have specific know-how in various areas and in various markets. We have the market knowledge and work experience to provide the answers people are looking for in very many cases. And even if we can’t give you these answers immediately, we can provide ideas for further analysis through our network of professional contacts.

The GoodGoing! offering (938 kb.)

How can I access this know-how?

This is an example of what we provide:

private consultancy for revising marketing instruments including: curriculum vitae, marketing letter,  LinkedIn profile

career coaching - executive coaching - business coaching sessions

information, instruments, reading material, tests and manuals depending on requirements. Available by signing up to the website.




I want to move forward in my profession

I'm a qualified and professionally dedicated person but I'd like a Career Transition. How can I improve to remain up to date & appealing for the mkt?

I am looking for guidance

Even the labour market is governed by the laws of supply and demand. To present yourself you should start from yourself. It's time for Career Coaching

I want to explore the market

At a certain point people want to change position, company or market to progress and earn more money…A Counsellor could give the necessary guidance.

Could I work as a consultant?

Throughout the world and in Italy in particular, the role of Consultants has evolved in recent decades…do you really have what it takes?

Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

To be an Entrepreneur or to work as an entrepreneur? In a labour market where there appears to be a lack of jobs... creating work is an option!

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