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The cookies on the GoodGoing! website enable essential functions such as the recognition of the user during the login phase or during registration to an event or course.

Other cookies help us to understand how our website is used by visitors, so that we can improve what we do online. We use Web Analytics instruments for this. None of your personal information is kept - GoodGoing! has no way of knowing your identity. GoodGoing! uses it exclusively to identify the parts of the website that don't work well or as as well as they should, so that we can put this right.

Types of cookies used by GoodGoing!

GoodGoing! exclusively uses technical cookies.

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These cookies are generated by GoodGoing! In most cases they enable essential functions of the website. They include cookies for Web Analytics, which we use to understand how our website is used by visitors so that we can improve it.

Social media cookies

Some pages of the GoodGoing! website allow you to share the content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
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What happens if I refuse all cookies?

You can still use parts of the website, including many pages with information from GoodGoing!

Some sections will not work if you disable cookies.

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Additional information on the management of cookies: is a useful resource that provides detailed information on cookies and how to manage them.

Legal Notes

GoodGoing! is a European trademark registered by Cristina Gianotti, who was born in Milan on 10/10/1961, and resides in Strada Chieri, 85 – 10025 Turin, fiscal code GNTCST61R50F205Y, VAT number 09057830011. The data are collected through the website and are stored in Italy with means that are subject to the prevailing Italian legislation on the handling of personal data in compliance with privacy requirements (Legislative decree 196/03). You will be able to access your user profile at any time and modify the data as you please. Cristina Gianotti/GoodGoing! will not provide your name and email address to third parties, except for carrying out services connected to your requests.

Policy information pursuant to article 13 of legislative decree 196/2003

We hereby inform you that legislative decree 196/03 (Code relating to the protection of personal data) makes provisions for the protection of people and other subjects with regard to the handling of their personal data. In accordance with the above-mentioned legislation, the handling will take place on the basis of the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and will insure the protection of your confidentiality and rights.

Therefore, pursuant to article 13 of legislative decree, we would like to provide you with the following information:

  • the data provided by you will be handled for the following purposes: promotion, organisation and performance of the service, including through communicating the data to third parties; management and performance of the contract signed by you; fulfilment of legal requirements and other duties requested by the relevant authorities.
  • the handling of the data will take place with the following means: use of electronic/manual instruments.
  • the supply of your data is essential albeit not obligatory and although any refusal to provide the data will not have any consequences, it could result in the obligations taken on by Cristina Gianotti/GoodGoing! in the supply of the services requested by you not being promptly performed.

Without prejudice to that which is strictly necessary for the correct management of the specific services, the data in question will not be communicated to third parties, nor will they be circulated, unless express authorisation is provided.

The data controller is Cristina Gianotti, with registered offices in Pino Torinese (TO), Strada Chieri, 85, whom you can contact to enforce your rights as provided by article 7 of legislative decree 196/03.

Having read the above information, which was provided in accordance with article 13 of legislative decree 196/03, the client hereby declares that it authorises the handling of the data provided as described above.



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