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I have been working with GoodGoing! since the beginning and it’s only natural that I should also contribute to this blog; however, this is my first article and I had to have a think  about what the topic could be: I wasn’t short of ideas, but my background and experience are different to those of the other contributors.

The story of GoodGoing!

Firstly, I’d like to tell you a story: it’s about a very determined lady, who has for about a decade been helping young university graduates to find their first jobs and find their way around the labour market, she has helped workers who had lost jobs to build a future and people who were unsure whether to start their own business to put together a plan before embarking on this adventure. 

I met Cristina Gianotti at a particular moment in my life, when I was also having to decide what to do after a professional experience had ended abruptly.

In that phase Cristina offered to help me, even though in my case an idea of the future had already started to take shape. This led to a series of conversations which took their cue from my skills and resulted in an idea “taking shape” that Cristina had been “cultivating” for some time: that of offering to people in one of the types of situations I mentioned above a range of “democratised” services, i.e. available even to individuals not supported by companies who pay for outplacement or who can afford to pay big fees to labour consultants.


During the last 18 months I have been involved in the process that led to the creation of GoodGoing! and have been amazed at the amount of material that Cristina has accumulated on an enormous quantity of subjects related to employment issues: this material is largely original, i.e. self-produced, and have allowed the creation of a large editorial dimension to this project. 

People who need to look in depth at a variety of matters - ranging from a CV to a job interview, from the way of conducting a job search to actions to improve their position, from considering new employment opportunities for people who are no longer so young to devising an entrepreneurial project - will find in the various sections of the GoodGoing! website lots of food for thought and useful cues. And what’s more, a tem of experts will be at their service to assist them and provide tailor-made advice while sharing aspirations, ambitions, as well as fears and problems.

What can you expect from GoodGoing!?

Firstly you can expect to be considered an individual with specific features – you might be in a situation where you feel exposed, fragile or you may simply want to discuss things with someone else. You won’t find answers to existential problems here, but you will find good practices, lots of experience and a lot of good ideas for overcoming temporary difficulties and getting yourself back on track.

So I invite you to visit the pages of the website and interact with us. The blog is mainly a meeting place in which you can search for similarities with your own situation and reflect on the actions you could take to fulfil your dream or simply give some meaning to what you are doing. We will put our experience and skills at your service. And if you feel the need for a “close encounter”, contact us to schedule a meeting. Your new professional life is one step away from commencing. GoodGoing!

The GoodGoing! offering (1260 kb.)

About the author
Stefano Carlo Longo
Stefano Carlo Longo has had a long career as an “innovator” in the ICT sector, in management positions in sales, marketing and consultancy with major international companies, including EY, Atos and Adobe. He is the co-founder of an e-commerce company dedicated to luxury wines and is an investor in a rapidly developing start-up in the Mobile Engagement sector (MobileBridge), which he promotes with customers and partners.

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