Following "Love" abroad and then looking for a job

Passion, Love and Desire

Italians are not the only romantic people. There are many people all over the world that have combined a generic openness to novelties and change with interests they had in common with another person: this was the case with Marco and his wife, then there’s the case of Daniela who went with her partner to Norway, after he had come with her to Italy for a period. I could give you many more examples.

For years the Professional Women Association (PWA), that was founded in Milan in the ’80s by women who had moved to Italy with their husbands or for work and wanted a place in which to make acquaintances, have cultural exchanges and support in their day-to-day personal and professional lives. This is where I met Catherine whose full story I only learned about over time. As this interview demonstrates she was one of the best people to be involved in this project of mine.

Here attached is the interview with Catherine about her professional experience.

The interview to Catherine (in Italian) (239 kb.)

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Cristina Gianotti
For more than fifteen years I have been working in Coaching - Career, Executive and Business Coaching – supporting managers, professionals and entrepreneurs that are interested in investing in themselves and their own professional development. I come from a management consulting, management and entrepreneurial background. In 2016 I published my fisrt book "E' facile cambiare lavoro se sai come fare" (It is easy to change job if knowing how) with bookabook. In 2018 the second one "Connecting Dots: il networking questo sconosciuto" (Connetting dots: the unknow professional networking").

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