Starting your Career Transition with the TTI Success Insights analysis of behaviours and values

GoodGoing! has recently been certified and accredited by TTI Success Insights for the instruments relating to the assessment of an individual’s behavoiurs, values and emotional intelligence.


  • To have a reference methodology that has an extensive history and continues to evolve and is available in every language and country in the world.
  • Because behind the coaching options offered by GoodGoing! we want there to be experience as well as an intellectual framework and professional updates.
TTI Success Insights bycicle

We looked on the market and examined dozens of instruments that are used to analyse people’s conduct in their homes and in their workplaces, both from a rational and an emotional perspective.

We chose TTI Success Insight:  a suite of simple, rigorous, and continually updated instruments. It analyses natural and adapted conduct and behaviours and the motivations underlying people’s actions. Moreover, it has recently supplemented its vision of an individual with an assessment of Emotional Intelligence, which can be seen as a management of emotions.

TTI Success Insights

TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® is distributed in more than 90 Countries and is translated into 40 languages. It is a range of instruments for the assessment, enhancement and correct placement within companies of human resources. The analyses are based on the theories of Jung, Spranger, Marston and Jacobi and enable the identification and classification of behavioural and value-based trends in people with an accuracy of more than 90%.

TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® Italia allows to to verify:

  • What a person has in terms of skills, abilities and knowledge.
  • How a person behaves in terms of their nature and how they adapt their behavioural style to the different situations they face.
  • Why that person adopts those conducts and behaviours, what are the motivations that drive them to act in a specific manner.


They are instruments that can be used in companies, in individual coaching and group coaching and for a selection process.

Knowing how to recognise in a systematic manner your strengths, the potential of your reports and the requirements of your customers, as well as exploiting to your own advantage this knowledge, is in this day and age a key factor for increasing productivity and as a result the company’s ROI, as well as a means of making informed choices in the labour market and exploiting the opportunities it offers.

It’s true that the analysis is based on a self-assessment, but at GoodGoing! we believe that the  “questionnaire” is just the basis for an interpretation and an in-depth joint process between the coach and the coachee.

Curious? Contact us for more details.

About the author
Mafalda Simeoni
Mafalda Simeoni is a woman that has kept an "unsophisticated " perspective of things - like a rebellious girl - and she is concerned with the world, especially the working world. She asks candid and disarming questions which are difficult and sometimes even impossible to answer. They are questions that show the contradictions and difficulties of the world, but Mafalda has decided to help to answer these in a mature fashion.

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