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It seems obvious that training is essential for any organisation to run well, so we’ll avoid discussing its advantages. Rather, we are more interested in examining how learning is changing as a result of the digital transformation in all economic and productive sectors. Digital technologies now “reign supreme” in the automotive sector, for example, with the advent of self-driving systems, or home-automation, as houses are destined to be constantly connected and governed by systems to make them more efficient and comfortable. Moreover, we cannot ignore the impact of digital technologies for the financial sector or in terms of payments, but there is no shortage of examples because no sector is immune to this revolution.

Aside from the consequences of digital transformation in all sectors of the economy, it’s clear to everyone how habits in society have changed with the spread of smartphones and social networks - two closely related inventions that have profoundly changed the way we behave and have resulted in new professional roles emerging within companies in order to oversee the myriad communication channels that have sprung up in recent years.

These profound changes have brought about irreversible consequences and new opportunities for the world of training: these consequences include the rapid obsolescence of content and the change in the way courses are provided, as well as the need to have a general training on the changes brought about by this digital transformation.

These could include:

the chance to reach an audience in various countries in a limited amount of time and with centralised control, at costs that are much lower than in the past (LMS – Learning Management Systems);

the possibility to “break down” courses into modules that can be accessed and used from any place, at any time and with any device (microlearning);

the variety of the instruments that are used (not just tests, or computer programs, but especially multimedia files, with videos in particular, the use of “gamification”, as well as virtual reality and artificial intelligence).

That being said, in many - too many - cases (especially in small and medium-sized companies) training is seen more as a cost than an opportunity for improvement and is managed with antiquated criteria and instruments.

But even in larger, more structured companies, where there is no shortage of investment and focus on this area, there can be problems with training, like the need to keep track of a large number of different instruments - that also have to be maintained and supplemented, or the problem of motivating and involving staff, the limited amount of time that is available, or even the need for the course providers to refresh the knowledge and skills they are trying to share. Finally - and this applies to everyone – there are the costs associated with staff turnover and the time required to make new employees fully productive.

If this rings true, there is an obvious need to find companies who can provide complete solutions, beyond just recommending a technology; companies that can offer a consistent approach to the requirement by firstly identifying goals, suggesting an approach involving the design of solutions for supporting the company in the long term, designing ad hoc training courses and producing high-level interactive content to ensure a highly satisfying employee experience and means of delivery that make full use of existing technology.

These complex requirements are fully within the grasp of GoodGoing! thanks to the partnership agreement we have established with Moovs – a player in the training sector for 30 years and currently one of the biggest companies in this sector in the Netherlands, with an international reach thanks to its subsidiaries and portfolio of international projects.

Over the course of a series of forthcoming articles we’ll be revealing more details about this agreement and what it means for us going forward, but for the time being we just wanted to give you a heads up on this project and the changes that are afoot.

About the author
Stefano Carlo Longo
Stefano Carlo Longo has had a long career as an “innovator” in the ICT sector, in management positions in sales, marketing and consultancy with major international companies, including EY, Atos and Adobe. He is the co-founder of an e-commerce company dedicated to luxury wines and is an investor in a rapidly developing start-up in the Mobile Engagement sector (MobileBridge), which he promotes with customers and partners.

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